Connecticut Chinese Language Academy (CCLA) established in 2005, is a subsidiary of Chinese Culture Center, a non-profit organization. To meet the popular demands from many parents in the community for children from preschooler to teenager, as well as those who love Chinese culture, CCLA offers high standard Chinese language lessons and fun community events through its weekly Sunday lessons from September to June.

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Data science is a fast developing science of extracting meaningful information from massive data for better decision making. It is interdisciplinary by nature, involving statistics, computing, and domain knowledge. Important principles of data science will be elaborated through interactive simulations, games and examples.

Computer Science and Java Introduction. Experienced high school mentors will walk students through a Steel City Codes-designed curriculum based on AP standards.

Entry Level Japanese Language Class. You’ll learn how to understand basic expressions in everyday conversations, conduct simple daily conversations on familiar topics such as asking for directions, presenting yourself, talking about friends and family, buying things, basic travel conversation, food related expressions and vocabulary, talking about your health, asking for permission, and much more.

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2023 Fall Open House


2023 School Summer Picnic


2023 I Can Speak Chinese Event